Garlic Butter Shrimp w/ Fried Rice and Hibachi Vegetables

Garlic Butter Shrimp Fried Rice Hibachi Vegetables

What to cook for dinner tonight with shrimp!

When it comes to shrimp, the best recipe is the simple recipe. Shrimp is very healthy and can taste amazing with just a few simple ingredients. This lemon, butter, garlic shrimp recipe is not only easy, it is rediculously delicious.

To me, the best way to have shrimp is at a Japanese Steakhouse. Hibachi shrimp is as simple as it gets and tastes like a million bucks. And you just can’t make any mistakes when you serve shrimp:

  1. With rice,
  2. With vegetables.

1 – 2 punch and win! It’s so easy! Homemade Hibachi is not only healthier, but very budget friendly. No one can say no to cheap Hibachi – amirite??

Sheet Pan Garlic Butter Shrimp

Instead of using a sauté pan, this shrimp recipe from Damn Delicious calls for a sheet pan. And it cuts your hands-on cooking time in half. At the very least! Cooking shrimp in the oven makes things a lot easier and gives you more time to work on the side dishes for the shrimp without spending an overall long time slaving away in the kitchen.

Fried Rice

Fried Rice

Gimme Some Oven made a killer fried rice recipe, that’s not only easy, but tastes just like takeaway. Now that you’ve seen this restaurant style recipe, don’t ever let me hear you say you don’t know how to make vegetable fried rice with egg.

This famous Chinese dish is the perfect side dish for shrimp. And this specific recipe is the best authentic fried rice recipe in the world, at least according to my taste buds.

Hibachi Vegetables

Hibachi Vegetables Zucchini

Another very simple and easy side dish for shrimp is Hibachi Vegetables. Zucchini and Onion terrifically flavored is all you need to complete your DIY Hibachi Shrimp dinner. It add another healthy element and is super quick to make. Simple stir-fry all the ingredients in a pan an voilà! Thanks for the great recipe Diary of A Recipe Collector!

Let’s Recap!

  1. Simple Ingredients!
  2. Kick ass shrimp!
  3. Two mouthwatering sides!
  4. Less than 30 minutes!
  5. One awesome dinner!

The Recipes:

  1. Sheet Pan Garlic Butter Shrimp
  2. Fried Rice
  3. Hibachi Vegetables


Garlic Butter Shrimp Fried Rice Hibachi Vegetables



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