Instant Pot Cottage Pie w/ The Easiest Tangy Cucumber Salad

Instant Pot Cottage Pie with The Easiest Tangy Cucumber Salad

What to cook for dinner tonight with ground beef?

What to make for dinner tonight?“. That age old question that stumps us pretty much everyday and is probably the main reason our societal eating habits have gone down the drain. There’s just too many options, amirite? So much good food, so little time.

Well, Dinner Is Sorted is here to do our very best to fix that problem and give you daily dinner inspiration covering a wide variety of diets. Think of it like a “What to make for dinner tonight generator” of sorts. Help tickle your brain so you can meal plan ahead instead of last minute scrambling to throw together a meal with “what I have“.

Tonight’s uber easy dinner recipes and ridiculously quick side recipes are brought to you straight from:

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Instant Pot Cottage Pie:

Instant Pot Cottage Pie

If you don’t have an Instant Pot yet, get one! I’ve made this cottage/shepherd’s pie recipe a lot of times. Not only is it a quick and easy recipe, it is extremely flavorful. Made with an instant pot or pressure cooker, it is not an exact science. So, don’t fret too much about the ingredients list.

For example:

  1. I used mixed frozen vegetables instead of chopping carrots and celery
  2. I tossed in a handful of mixed herb instead of measuring out the individual herbs
  3. I added some shredded cheese on top at the end

Now there’s an easy cottage pie recipe with cheese with few ingredients to satisfy the whole family. Bring out your inner Nigella or Gordon Ramsay, but with a just little bit of cheating (hehe). Nobody will know.

The Easiest Tangy Cucumber Salad:

The Easiest Tangy Cucumber Salad

It’s called The Easiest Tangy Cucumber Salad, and your best believe that it is an easy tangy cucumber salad recipe. Now there’s tons of these recipes all over the internet, but this one is definitely the best (Sorry, Jamie Oliver).

Made with Apple Cider Vinegar, it gives an awesome tangy flavor. It is a great side salad recipe for a dinner like Cottage Pie. The light crispness of the salad is a good complement to the heavier Cottage Pie.

So, let’s recap:

  1. 18 simple ingredients in total
  2. Delicious Cottage Pie
  3. Even More Delicious Tangy Cucumber Salad
  4. 30 minutes
  5. One finger-licking dinner!

The recipes:

  1. Instant Pot Cottage Pie
  2. The Easiest Tangy Cucumber Salad


Instant Pot Cottage Pie with The Easiest Tangy Cucumber Salad



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